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Modern Engineering Solutions (MES)

We have successfully completed projects in numerous states across the continental dehradun (Uttrakhand). Modern Engineering Solutions (MES) has a proven track record of

  • Completing projects on time & Following budget guidelines.
  • Elevated quality of workmanship.
  • Meeting diverse supplier requirements.
  • Implementing appropriate safety precautions and procedures.


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Quality Policy

We strictly ensure that our Services meet client’s specifications and satisfy their needs and expectations.

We achieve this through active involvement of all our employees to maintain effective Quality Management System for continuous service improvement.

Our Visions

Our Vision is to educate the real meaning of Water Proofing and bring awareness of effectiveness which can only be achieved by adopting a correctly prescribed method after diagnosis of the case/ location and conditions of site for suitability of correct method and material to be adopted for waterproofing purpose technically.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make awareness about pros and cons to construction due to conventional and other methods of waterproofing adopted in our country which affects the structure resulting into leakage, deterioration and carbonating